Alessandra Bonetti

Yoga Instructor


In my 16 or so years of practicing Yoga, I've learned that my time on the mat is a refuge.  Not only have I developed physical strength, health and mobility, but in becoming present with my own body and breath through the practice, I'm reminded of my innate brilliance and cultivate self-love, respect, and acceptance.  It allows me to just feel better, and that affects how I am off the mat with myself and others.  It empowers me to make better choices and live with joy and authenticity.  My hope is that I can share that magic with you, so we can all live out our best lives.  

My style of teaching is an Iyengar/Ashtanga blend, which just means that I typically link movement with breath (flow), but also hold poses to focus on alignment.  My teaching is also extremely flexible (pardon the pun).  By that I mean the practice is yours at the end of the day, and I will cater to your needs to make it an exceptional experience.


I'm trained at the 500-hour level through YogaWorks, and currently teach and live in Los Angeles, CA.  


Focused Vinyasa - 7:30-8:45pm - Siesta Yoga


Candlelight Flow - 9-10pm - Siesta Yoga


Private or Corporate

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"Having been turned off to yoga by an experience in a large group class at my gym, I was greatly relieved to experience Alessandra's compassionate, attentive, and specific guidance.  She clearly cares about how each person receives the practice and is really attuned to the energy of the class each time.  In just a short time working with her, I already feel more balanced, alive, and present in the world and in my body.  I would recommend her to anyone, especially those new to the yoga experience."

- Doug, Hollywood

"I was a total beginner with NO experience doing yoga, but Alessandra was kind, patient, and most of all, SUPER helpful in getting me to do a complete cycle. I'd definitely recommend Alessandra's teaching, whether in a class or in a one-on-one setting. I remember after our session was over, I felt so relaxed and euphoric, it was great. Best of all, it was totally affordable!​"

- Jake, Hollywood

"Alessandra is one of the most patient Yoga Instructors.  She really works on tweaking your form so it is in alignment and especially on the breathing aspect. This helps the student gain higher levels of flexibility and strength. Her genuine love for yoga and teaching shines through and each lesson ends in a positive affirmation of yourself for the day. You will leave refreshed."

- Nathan, Hollywood


North Hollywood, CA 91601


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